Do you want to:

-Gain professional skills?

-Organize unique and fun events that advance free market ideas?

-Become a social and thought leader in your city and state? 

-Get paid to inspire the Millennial generation with thoughtful solutions?   

Then, start and AFF chapter in your city, or volunteer as a chapter board member.   When you join the nation’s premier network of liberty-minded young professionals, you get: 

-Access to a robust national network of like-minded friends, speakers, and opportunities;

-Training and mentoring on best practices, based on 20+ other successful chapters;

-Invitations to exclusive events and trainings to build your skills and your network; and

-Incentives for growth of your chapter. 

No other organization gives you this kind of opportunity to advance freedom while gaining exceptional leadership experience.

For more information about starting a local chapter or volunteering at an existing one, please contact AFF vice president Heather Pfitzenmaier