July 26, 2013

Is the Company Culture a Fit?

By: Liz Hine

Whether we are looking for staff for CSS or recruiting for one of our clients, we are passionate about finding people who will not only bring the skills we need to the table, but also fit well into the company culture. Culture Fit is something we look for in application materials and interviews. As a job seeker, it’s important for you to realize the interview process is a two-way street. While the company is deciding if you are a good fit, the interview can give you an opportunity to find out if a company’s culture is going to be a good fit for you!

Mashable’s the Daily Muse recently had some good suggestions for creative questions to ask as you work toward determining a company’s culture. Their questions get at four different aspects of company culture:
1. The pace or work environment
2. The collaborative or independent nature of the organization
3. Understanding team dynamics
4. A taste for how professional or casual the office is

Think of a company’s culture as its “personality.” From an employee`s perspective, this may include feeling on board about the company’s mission and values. It may cross over into expectations, goals, and the type of work environment. Is it a team-based culture or are employees expected to work more independently?
What are some of the other things you look for in a company culture?

Liz Hine is a recruiter at the Center for Shared Services. This post was originally posted on the Center for Shared Services Blog.