If you're looking for a platform to build your professional skills, meet other liberty-minded leaders, and build your network in DC, you've come to the right place.

Paid AFF members get the best of what AFF has to offer. If you have any questions or want to meet in-person, please email Brit Vorreiter at brit@americasfuture.org.

Members of all levels receive:

  • Access to AFF networking connections and mentorship
  • Free or discounted admission to Roundtables, luncheons, and special events (Annual Gala, Leadership Dinners)
  • Invitations to special Members-Only events, like wine tasting and exclusive briefings
  • Opportunities to get involved and build on your resume
  • Exclusive member newsletter
  • Public acknowledgement of professional accomplishments
  • Automatic renewal 
  • Young Professional Member $40
    Access to mentorship and AFF's Mentor Program; Personal coaching; Help with career development
  • Established Professional Member $100
    50% off a Gala ticket or Leadership Dinner ticket; Potential to be featured in "Profiles in Liberty"
  • Liberty Circle Member $250
    Free ticket to an exclusive Liberty Circle event; Potential to be featured in "Profiles in Liberty"

Other Chapter Memberships

Each Chapter has different member benefits. Please review your city's chapter below for more information.

If your chapter is not listed, it does not yet have a formal membership program.

  • Atlanta Chapter Membership $35
    Email Phred Barnet at phred@americasfuture.org for Atlanta, GA member benefits.
  • Chicago Chapter Membership $50
    Email Eric Kohn at eric@americasfuture.org for Chicago, IL member benefits.
  • Dallas Chapter Membership $35
    Email Kathryn Shelton at kathryn@americasfuture.org for Dallas, TX member benefits.
  • Pittsburgh Chapter Membership $35
    Email Elizabeth Stelle at elizabethb@americasfuture.org for Pittsburgh, PA member benefits.
  • Raleigh Chapter Membership $20
    Email Katherine Restrepo at krestrepo@americasfuture.org for Raleigh, NC member benefits.