AFF National Membership Program

If you're looking for a platform to build your professional skills, meet other liberty-minded leaders, and build your network, you've come to the right place.

America’s Future Foundation excels at connecting young professionals and providing opportunities in the liberty network. Support AFF’s mission by joining our National Membership today!

For only $25 per year, you will help be a part of our nationwide network of chapters throughout the country to promote and advance liberty.

We invite anyone across the country to join our National Membership Program and become a part of our growing AFF community, full of unique opportunities including:

  • Access to AFF’s ever-expanding network
    • Peer networking, both social and professional
    • Fun, educational events in your community
  • Professional and Leadership Development
    • Policy debates, discussions, and events
    • Training for valuable skills, such as public speaking and writing
    • Webinars and virtual opportunities focused on a variety of topics
    • Mentorship opportunities
    • Volunteer opportunities (chapter boards, photography, event planning, etc.)
  • Unique Content
    • Receive a quarterly member newsletter highlighting AFF’s work and its leaders
    • Get monthly Doublethink emails, highlighting published articles by AFF alumni
    • Use AFF’s platform and engage the liberty movement

Be a part of the bigger change as America’s Future Foundation seeks to inspire and equip young leaders to promote and advance liberty!