March 25, 2014

Networking via Social Media: 5 Great Tactics to Land Your Dream Job

By: Greta Pisarczyk

In the twenty-first century, career advancement has an exciting new element: social media. Savvy young professionals are making the most of it to advance their careers– Are you?

Here are 5 recommendations to help you capitalize on your ever-growing online network and land your dream job: 

1. Create a Linkedin profile that represents your accomplishments accurately and completely. Populate Linkedin’s diverse fields with compelling and succinct summaries of the roles you’ve recently fulfilled (in reverse chronological order). Use descriptive language in order to convey both responsibilities carried out and accomplishments. Perhaps most importantly, proofread your profile and any links or attachments!

2. Build the network you need to get “the job.”  Get to know staffers at organizations where you’d like to work and leaders you admire by connecting with them via social media. Make yourself known to them by retweeting posts you like, or responding to them directly .

3. Tell your friends and “followers” that you’re looking for a job. Social media is certainly not a venue to be shy. If your friends know that you’re on the job hunt, they may be able to recommend you for roles at various organizations. It’s not a bad idea to include a link to your Linkedin profile in your tweet. For example: “Internship ending, searching for an entry-level position in development in DC/VA… Leads? Let me know!

4. Hyperlink your resume. Add your twitter handle and a link to your Linkedin profile to your resume. A positive presence on social media will reinforce and supplement what’s on your resume hard copy. (Bearing in mind these tips: Networking via Social Media: Rules to Live By and Networking via Social Media: Perception is Reality.)

5. Search for your hiring manager on Linkedin. Utilize Linkedin as a research tool prior to your interview.

Greta Pisarczyk works for a think tank in Washington, DC.