One of America’s Hottest Industries

Would you like to be a part of one of America’s fastest growing industries in terms of employment, compensation and yearly salary growth? This industry is not only lucrative, but so stable that you are three times less likely to get laid off compared with other Americans: it’s nearly a certainty that your employer will never go out of business. Amazingly, the average 2009 compensation in this industry, including benefits, was a whopping $123,049!!! If you guessed Wall Street, Big Oil, or Healthcare, you are on the wrong track. Click here to learn about one of America’s hottest industries!!!

How awesome would your industry be if average compensation were raised to match the compensation levels above? For most people, the answer is: not awesome–your company/industry would fail. This is pretty basic economics. If a company pays $50/hr to an employee that produces $25/hr in value, that company will go out of business. It cannot simply raise prices, say charging the consumer $60 for $25 worth of value, because consumers can take their business elsewhere. Think General Motors vs. Toyota. It is no fun to get overcharged for inferior products. So the question is this: if the American people are paying Bentley prices to employ over two million civilian federal government employees, why do we so often get Yugo results? Can we take our business elsewhere?

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