The Party of Dave

Yglesias: …the notion that it would be okay for high-ranking public officials to have no better understanding of policy issues than does the average person is bizarre. When you get

The Education Party

Today’s Republican Party stands in disarray, even as mainstream American liberalism has finally found its own “Ronald Reagan.” It doesn’t seem like a particularly auspicious time for a new book

Grand New Party, cont.

After finishing Ross and Reihan’s book, I was struck by the notion that they want to change the Republican party less than American society: restructuring farming; reimagining education; rebuilding (and

Grand New Party

As this is the week we prepare the annual Summer reading issue at The Weekly Standard, and I am the assistant editor for books and arts of that august publication,

This is the culture war

An electoral revolution took place on election day. Now the Republican party must keep its word.

AFF-Detroit: All Issues are Women’s Issues

Women’s issues are in the limelight right now, from the Women’s March to the #MeToo movement. Yet many women, particularly those who identify as independent, libertarian, or conservative, have been