A quick survey of the developments in the year or so since federal immigration reform went down in flames reveals very little in the way of discord. The conservative base

Inside Washington Weekly Episode 14

The show’s panelists this week are Michael Brendan Dougherty of the American Conservative, Peter Suderman of National Review Online, and Anastasia Uglova. David White hosts. Topics covered include: * The

Latino lessons from the California recall

A look at how Latinos influenced the results of the California recall election and how those results should inform the parties’ future efforts to attract Hispanic voters.

In-State Tuition for Illegal Immigrants

Since our nation’s lawmakers have no immediate interest in discussing immigration reform, those interested in the topic must content themselves with its periphery. One such area concerns whether or not

Greeks, Guatemalans, and the GOP

Last year the low-budget film “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” netted $249 million at the domestic box office. According to Hollywood business analysts, an audience largely composed of people who

Open Borders Debate

Both libertarians and conservatives champion economic freedom. It’s easy to agree on taxes, regulatory reform, and issues of individual liberty. But what about immigration? Open the border or build a wall? Are immigrants stimulating the US economy or making

A Guide To The Marriage Debate

Gay marriage is one of several current political topics (the others being marijuana decriminalization and surveillance of American citizens) that fracture the simple left-right political spectrum, with conservatives, progressives, moderates,