April 24, 2008

Step Into My Office

By: AFF Editors

So a little introduction is probably in order to kick off this blog. Some of you I know, some of you I’m meeting for the first time. In the event that you’re among the latter group, here’s the scoop. I’m a grad student in Government at Georgetown, specializing in Political Theory and International Relations. As of yesterday, I am officially ABD. That means “All but dissertation,” i.e. “Blogging can now destroy him.” Indeed, I’ve published here and there over the past several years since fleeing Silver Lake and coming to Washington (AmCon, AmSpec, Doublethink, The National Interest, Society, other places), but as of late I’ve shifted, somewhat unconsciously, into heavier and heavier blogging.

In addition to this blog, for instance, I tend bourgeois-sized gardens at Postmodern Conservative, The American Scene, and The American Spectator. But blogging at Doublethink Online will be a special thrill for a number of reasons. I look forward to supplying you with a steady stream of exclusive content that magically mixes my bent worldview with your readerly hankerings for a delicious, species-of-one blogsperience.

If you’ve followed my posts elsewhere, here are some planned deviations from prior habit. (If not, ditto:)

1. More libertarian-related content, and not snarky, either.

2. More pictures.

3. More moving pictures.

4. More banter with Sonny.

5. More audience participation.

You can expect plenty of the same, too, especially if you like potshots at public intellectuals, forays into philosophy, attacks on contemporary snack foods, nostalgia for the snack foods of yesteryear, calls for European unification, irregular partisanship, social psychoanalysis, weird updates on monkeys and conspicuous consumption coming out of Russia, and so forth. But all with Doublethink’s healthy orange glow.

And that’s about that. If you want anything, just ask. We’ll be settling in and getting comfortable over the next week or so. Soon enough it’ll all be like second nature. In time we’ll just do this via a chip lodged in the medulla. But until then, happy reading. And away we go.