April 29, 2008

The No Chin Zone

By: James Poulos

I think “when Hillary Clinton entered ‘No Spin Zone'” may soon appear in the dictionary beside the word “desperation.” — K-Lo, The Corner

Picturing wattled old Hill and Bill (O’Reilly) side by side, getting foundationed, patted, and powdered before launching into whatever unholy schtick they’ve planned makes for about as nightmarish a vision as I can conjure before the sun goes down.

But it’s still pretty unnerving to hear one of the mainstream right’s most unbending corporals manage to insult Hillary for doing exactly what the the conservative establishment has spent the past two weeks praising her to within inches of Whittaker Chambers for doing — running every play in the GOP book against Barack Obama.

There’s a big difference, here, of course, which is that attacking your opponent preemptively for doing whatever it is you’re doing is the frontispiece of Hillary’s own personal political diary. That most eerie and repulsive element of her desperation trip has nothing to do with whacking at Obama from the right-hand side. It’s also been a part of her campaign since before a night with O’Reilly was a glimmer in her eye.

I suppose that, from the perspective of a Most Blackhearted Republican Operative, nothing could be better than to both champion Hillary’s Ardennes offensive and throw tomatoes while she slogs ahead. But that kind of posture transcends bad taste to reveal a bankrupt notion of political integrity. It’s a hell of a thing for those greasing the wheels of conservative cognitive dissonance to yuck along with Rush at sowing “chaos” in the Dem ranks.