January 29, 2010

They found the WMD!

By: AFF Editors

No, there isn’t any WMD in Iraq. But the Army Corps of Engineers believes it has found evidence of a long sought chemical weapons cache buried in my neighborhood during World War I. According to the local paper (PDF):

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has unearthed three broken
glass jugs in Spring Valley that might have come from the longsought
Sgt. Maurer burial pit, according to a D.C. Department of
the Environment official. The pit is believed to hold more than 20 containers
of mustard agent or other chemical weapons materiel…

The pit, also known as the “hole called Hades,” was named after Sgt.
C.W. Maurer, who was stationed at American University when it was
the site of the Army’s chemical weapons testing program during
World War I.

In 1918, Maurer sent his family a photograph of himself burying jugs.
On the back of the photo, he wrote: “The bottles are full of mustard, to
be destroyed here. In Death Valley. The hole called Hades.” The tops of the glass jars found Monday appear consistent with those seen in the Maurer photo.

Bottom line: Wait ninety years and we’ll find the WMD in Iraq.