May 3, 2013

Career Advice

Top Ten Reasons To Join America’s Future Foundation

By: AFF Editors

See what your friends and co-workers are talking about. Get all these amazing benefits when you join the premiere network of liberty-minded young professional leaders.


10. Career Tips From Experts

Top professionals in the liberty movement are a consistent part of AFF’s Free the Future Blog, the Doublethink Magazine, and our monthly events. Thinking about Law School or a Master’s degree? Don’t know if you want to serve in public sector, work in a non-profit, or engage the free market? AFF’s staff brings you expert insight to make the most of your next career move!


9. Attend Unique Professional Development Seminars  

For young professionals straight out of college, many questions are left unanswered about actually getting to business in the liberty movement. AFF will help you master the basics and impress your boss through our workshops and monthly events. We cover a wide gamut of skill development, from figuring out how Direct Mailing works to writing constituent mail. If you want to get down to work—these are the events for you.


8. Get Published and Noticed by Major Media

Ever read the news and roll your eyes at the pure lack of journalistic integrity (unless you’re reading Joel Gehrke or Tim Carney of course)? Know you can contribute to the discussion? Perhaps you want practice? Or maybe you’re looking for new media attention? No matter what your means, AFF is the outlet for you. Our widely read Doublethink Magazine and Free the Future Blog is always looking to give voice to passionate young conservatives. Don’t just sit there—Get Published By AFF!!


7. Attend AFF’s Most Anticipated Event: The Gala

Our Annual Gala is a sight to behold! If you do not make this party, you are missing out on great networking, a great celebrity host, and hours of wining and dining. Hundreds of young conservatives gather for this event every year. And this year promises to be better than ever!


6. Gain Valuable Public Speaking Skills

Has it been a few years since your speech class in College? No worries! With America’s Future Foundation summer public speaking program at the Leadership Institute, you can brush up on your skills and learn great insight from speech professionals—not just some cranky professor! In addition to this workshop, brief public speaking often happens at our events, but in a more casual and less stressful style.


5. Intimate Leadership Dinners

Twice a year, America Future Foundation invites you to join a special guest for a dinner. Guests in years past included Ed Feulner, Rand Paul, and Justice Scalia. These intimate occasions give you the opportunity to meet leaders in the liberty movement.


4. Making Friends in Conservative Movement

Often at networking events you meet people with whom you simply connect.     Beyond just being acquaintances, you get to know these people on personal  levels, spend time with them outside of politics (yes, that’s possible in DC), and know what they’re up too throughout the years. DC is a city of transplants; folks are always in need of some new best friends. Meet them at an AFF event this month!


3. Influence Liberty Movement Policy

At least once a month, AFF holds events, including Policy Roundtables, to discuss politics and policy. These events offer a great chance to meet other young conservatives in your field and ask detailed questions to policy experts from Capitol Hill, CATO, AEI, Mercatus Center, CEI, and many more. Your perspective is important to the debate today and in the future—make sure it is heard!


2. Exposed to a Great Network—at a DISCOUNT!

America’s Future Foundation would be nothing without our fantastic members. Our dynamic membership ranges from Hill staff to non-profit Executives, from conservative media commentators to people just wanting to fight for freedom and liberty. With your membership, you will be exposed to AFF’s massive conservative network all over the country. Looking for a job in Chicago? We’ll introduce the Chicago AFF chapter to you and also see whom in our network is looking to hire a skilled, passionate conservative like yourself.

Was it mentioned you can do this at a DISCOUNT?  Yep! In addition to sharing a common bond with conservatives across the country, you’ll get to attend all these great events mentioned above at reduced rates. Events held seemingly every week all over the DC area allow you to expand on your own network, advancing your career and personal goals! Join today!!


1.   Advancing Liberty

    Because Prices are Going Up after May 10th!