March 12, 2007

Washington Planner: After Dinner Limbo Contest Edition

By: Kristen Soltis

You’re young. You’re fun. You’re into events that provide opportunities to 1) discuss political philosophy, 2) hand out your nifty business cards that say Junior Vice President, 3) meet beautiful (and/or important) people or 4) consume adult beverages.

And Brainwash is here for you. Brainwash likes to party too.

The following is the maiden post in a new Brainwash column/public service, alerting you — the young, the fun, the beautiful, the fusionist — to all the best events, concerts, exhibitions, parties, and opportunities for free food and drink around this little town.

My name is Kristen, and I’ll be your cruise director on this little journey through young professional-dom. Check in every Monday for an update on what’s coming your way during the upcoming week, and if you have any events you’d like to promote, shoot an e-mail to


If You Say “Those Guys From Garden State Soundtrack”, We’re Not Friends Anymore: The Shins @ D.A.R. Constitution Hall. Need I say more?

Shameless Self Promotion: Come to Chief Ike’s in Adams Morgan after the Shins to catch The Frustrations. Show starts 9:30ish. I hear their new female lead singer is hot. I know for a fact that their drummer is easy. [ed: This is Kristen’s band.]


The Only Place You Want To BeAFF Town Hall meeting. Now, you too can achieve your lifelong dream of being an AFF panelist. 1706 New Hampshire Avenue, NW, near Dupont Circle. Drinks at 6:30; Roundtable begins at 7:00.

Libertarians and a Free Lunch: Get out of the office for lunch and stop by Cato’s “Escaping the Trap: The Case for Withdrawal from Iraq” lunch panel. Noon, at Cato. Mind your manners and be sure to RSVP by noon on the 13th.

Wine and Art? Yes, Please: The Young Benefactors of the Smithsonian hold a happy hour at G Fine Art to celebrate Graham Caldwell’s “Anatomies”. $15 at the door (or $10 if you’re a member) gets you a glass of wine, h’ors d’ourves, and the chance to mix and mingle with other young Washingtonians.


Don’t Show Up Late to the Dance: Oh please, like you’re not going to be watching March Madness. Hometown team Georgetown plays at 2:55, GWU plays at 5:10. If you’re feeling flush and want to support a worthy cause, KIPP DC high-achievement oriented charter schools are hosting a March Madness party at ESPN Zone to kick off the occasion. Tickets, $150.


Expand Your Musical IQ: DC 9‘s almost-weekly meeting of the “Liberation Dance Party” will open your ears to tunes far before they wind up on MTV (read: Regina Spektor was floating through the air here a year ago, etc). And if you like what you hear? Full set lists AND a podcast go up online to help you track down the song you’ve become smitten with.

Go Gators: Inserting a wee bit of personal bias here, make sure to watch Step 1 of eventual NCAA Tourney domination by the Orange and Blue at 9:50. Looking for an authentic Gator experience? Alumni flock to Joe Theismann’s in Alexandria or Bailey’s in Ballston.


Collars Up?: The Capital Club hosts Shamrock Soiree at The Exchange. Whether you’re an LNS type, a Wonketteer, or a hybrid of the two, any assembly of folks celebrating the greenest of holidays is sure to be a riot.


Not Quite Hair of the Dog: Exercise off all that Guinness weight you packed on the night before and run the Nineteenth Annual St. Patrick’s Day 8K! Check out the third photo down of the guy playing the bagpipes alongside the runners. One word comes to mind: awesome.

That’s it for this week, please stop back next Monday to fill up your Outlook/Google/iCal calendar yet again with more eating, drinking, dancing, listening, and debating opportunities.

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