September 25, 2009


By: Sonny Bunch

Shockingly, the Iranians have gone behind everyone’s back and built another nuclear reactor, the sole purpose of which seems to be to produce the necessary material for a nuclear weapon. The response of Obama, Sarkozy, and Brown?

Brown said international leaders were prepared to impose “further and more stringent” sanctions against Tehran.

The “level of deception by the Iranian government” will “shock and anger the whole international community … and harden our resolve,” he said. There is “no choice but to draw a line in the sand.”

Ah yes, that “line in the sand” of “further and more stringent” sanctions. Oh noes!

Not to get too melodramatic, but it looks like it’s up to the Israelis to take care of this once again. Of course, if the realists had their way we’d shoot down Israel’s jets should they try such a thing. And here we see the morality of realism at its cold, cold core: Realism means killing your allies to protect your enemies. Thanks for the clarification, Zbig. I always had an inkling that you wanted the U.S. to commit acts of war against our sole ally in the Middle East. Glad to see that confirmed.