The Fund for American Studies
“Ever since its humble beginning, AFF has been the premier networking and professional development organization for young conservatives and libertarians nationwide.  Your innovative programs offer young professionals unique opportunities they cannot find elsewhere.  AFF provides the crucial next step after students graduate and seek to continue advancing liberty.  I encourage you to support the vital work of America’s Future Foundation.”
American Enterprise Institute
"America's Future Foundation equips college graduates to keep learning about personal responsibility, limited government, and free enterprise among their peers. AFF programs shape today's 20-somethings into tomorrow's leaders who will advocate for liberty their whole lives." 
State Policy Network
“I’ve been privileged to support America’s Future Foundation’s work nationwide through the “AFF on the Road” initiative. Your chapters in several cities around the country provide an important outlet for liberty-minded young professionals to network and advance their careers. AFF’s programs allow for great networking but also create unique opportunities for leadership and career advancement. I encourage all liberty-minded young professionals to join AFF.”
S. Dillard Kirby
Executive Director
The FM Kirby Foundation
“We were drawn to America’s Future Foundation first by its mission and second by its strategy.  AFF does more than just identify and develop future conservative and libertarian leaders; it provides an environment that encourages debate and challenges the individual to hone the skills they need to achieve civic self-fulfillment and public service.”
John Barry
Head of Government Affairs
VISA Corporation
“I support America’s Future Foundation financially because I believe that it is an investment in people, and that is one of the best investments that can be made. Investing in AFF is literally investing in the infrastructure of the Liberty Movement. My investment in AFF is multiplied many times over as AFFers develop through their career…For these reasons and more, I’d absolutely encourage everybody to support AFF.”
Executive Director
Talent Market
“AFF has had a special place in my heart since I was a graduate student at the Georgetown School of Socialist Studies (aka Georgetown Public Policy Institute). I was new to the nation’s capital and felt completely alone philosophically – until I learned about AFF. AFF was my first introduction to libertarian and conservative circles in Washington, DC. I met some amazing free marketers who are still my friends today, and my first movement job at Koch was a direct result of the connections I made through AFF. I’m sure countless others would say the same thing about how AFF positively influenced their lives/careers.”
Illinois Policy Institute
“AFF’s chapters around the country provide essential opportunities for young people to learn the ideas of liberty in a fun atmosphere with their peers. I’ve seen this first-hand in Chicago and know they are making an impact in other cities as well. I invite you to join me in supporting AFF financially because it is so important to invest in the future of our movement and our country.”
Senior Fellow in Constitutional Studies,
CATO Institute
“America’s Future Foundation has been a central part of my professional and personal life here — and indeed provides a nice intersection of my personal and professional lives. I doubt my transition from private practice to Cato would have been as seemless if I hadn’t developed the network that AFF provides. It’s a wonderful group — and a great entree into the DC policy, politics, and journalism scene.”
Senior Political Columnist
Washington Examiner
“When I was a 22-year-old cub writer in Washington, just out of college, I got my first freelance piece published by America’s Future Foundation. From there I became a regular columnist for AFF’s publications, which helped me get the training and exposure I needed to advance my career. AFF was an invaluable asset in building skills, friendships, and my career.”
Nicole Kurokawa Neily
Vice President
Dezenhall Resources
"America’s Future Foundation played a huge role in helping me adjust to the DC policy scene. I met a lot of my best friends at their events, which are a must-attend every month. I love that AFF is an organization run by people my age, for people my age – this really gave me the confidence that I, too, could someday be a leader in the center-right movement! In addition, AFF helps us refine our policy perspectives – and gives us an opportunity to articulate them."
“It’s not just who you know, of course. It’s where you’re published. And even the most diligent blogger, tweeter, or facebooker hits a high hurdle when it comes to getting that first real print clip. Doublethink worked much like an Olympic qualifying run — often reaching the same level of professionalism and readability as Washington’s established media outlets, which is where the Doublethink writers I knew soon found themselves. Without AFF and Doublethink, it’s not just difficult to envision how things could have turned out the same way [for my career]. It’s impossible.”
Senior Vice President
Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)
“It was on the website of the America’s Future Foundation that I saw the job opening that would set the course of my life—program officer at a relatively new organization in Philadelphia called FIRE, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. Now, ten years later, I am FIRE’s Senior Vice President and am enjoying my career of defending the First Amendment rights of college students and faculty members of all political stripes. I will forever be grateful to AFF for presenting me with this opportunity to help so many students and teachers.”
Laurel Buckley
Manager of Corporate and Non-Profit Relations
American Legislative Exchange Council

“I’ve been in DC for almost four years and many of my professional connections have been individuals I met through AFF. When I finished my masters and started looking for the next step of my career, AFF was the first place I went. AFF is a great way to meet young professionals in the movement. It provides an intellectually stimulating environment, while also giving members an easy way to mingle and socialize. If you are new to the area or just looking for a way to expand your professional network, AFF is a must!”

Director of Health Policy
Independent Women's Forum
"Free-market supporters are outnumbered in our generation, but because of this, and because of the organizational efforts of AFF, we will come out of our early careers with a strong network, well-honed arguments, and therefore a greater capacity for outreach. One day soon, we will be called upon to offer the solutions that have been overlooked too long by the pop-star progressivism of today. As important as AFF is today, the organization will only become more important in the future, as its name suggests.
Thank you for your generous support of AFF which makes this crucial work possible."

Director of Young Leaders Program
Heritage Foundation
“When I first moved to DC I asked for advice on how to meet people and grow professionally. Nearly everyone pointed me to one place: America’s Future Foundation. I attended my first Monthly Roundtable and have stayed actively involved with AFF ever since.  Each event was a great opportunity to network and stay connected with other individuals passionate about liberty. It can be difficult to make professional and intellectual development fun, but AFF makes that happen. I appreciate how they give young people [like me] the opportunity to gain public speaking and writing experience – they look to build and develop the movement.”