Month: August 25, 2003

Aug 25,2003

Liberty and gay marriage

Gay marriage is an issue where a moral laissez faire attitude has no place. You either stand with tradition, or with the liberal forces of the cultural revolution.

Aug 24,2003

Will tax cuts get the ax?

After the Bush farm bill, education bill, and now the prescription drug benefit bill, will there be room for any more tax cuts left?

Aug 17,2003

The Austrian candidate

Media coverage of California’s October 7 recall election has predictably looked for historical parallels between the advent of Arnold Schwarzenegger as a politician and the rise of Ronald Reagan in...

Aug 17,2003

The carnivorous country

A carnivorous jaunt through Argentina proves that not just the good food, but its celebrated culture of meat eating, that makes the country great.

Aug 11,2003

Justice Ginsburg’s foreign law

The American Constitution Society recently held its first national conference, drawing stridently leftist lawyers and judges together to discuss how they could counter the apparently awesome power of the Federalist...

Aug 03,2003

The boys who cried Wolfowitz

With temperatures reaching 120 degrees in Baghdad, Democratic presidential hopefuls are making their own attempt to turn up the heat on President Bush. Over the past month, news headlines have...