Hannah Cox is the director of outreach for the Beacon Center of Tennessee and Beacon Impact. She manages the grassroots arm of the Center, and her role is that of a liaison between the Center and the communities and residents of Tennessee. In her position, Hannah acts as a chief storyteller, managing policy projects and giving a voice to the countless Tennesseans affected by the Center’s work. She finds and crafts the stories of our local heroes and provides them with a platform to speak on economic issues that impact their daily lives. Hannah also oversees the Center’s coalition outreach efforts, working to unite activists throughout the state in common goals. She coordinates all of the Beacon Center’s events in an effort to spread the Center’s principles of individual liberty, limited government, and free markets throughout the state of Tennessee. She reports, “The Beacon Center is thrilled to partner with AFF as we work to expand our outreach efforts to the politically-minded young adults in our state's capital of Nashville, TN. AFF has done an impeccable job of providing a network of support and growth for millennials across the country. Through their work the seeds of liberty are being planted in the minds of our future generation and our future leaders are being cultivated through the opportunities AFF provides. We are certain that our partnership with AFF for our young professionals society in Tennessee will be of great benefit to both our young adults and our state as a whole.”

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