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If you’re interested in meeting like-minded individuals, debating politics, or discussing free-market solutions, then you may have found a new home. AFF-New Orleans is the premier network of liberty-minded young professionals in Louisiana.

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Chapter Leader

Aly Rau

Aly Rau

Aly Rau is the chief of staff at the Pelican Institute for Public Policy, Louisiana’s free market think tank. In her role, Aly drives the development strategy and advances the Pelican Institute’s mission through facilitating partnerships and guiding annual program planning to ensure short-term goals, projects, and activities are in alignment with the Pelican Institute’s vision. Prior to joining the Pelican Institute, Aly served as the grassroots director and finance director for Louisiana’s Lieutenant Governor, Billy Nungesser. Aly is dedicated to advancing philanthropy, free market policy, and making the perfect seafood gumbo. Aly writes, “America’s Future Foundation has a vital role to play in the emergence of leadership amongst young professionals–leaders that will be principled and play a role in changing Louisiana’s political culture. A New Orleans AFF chapter gives us the opportunity to grow the liberty movement, bring awareness to the power of free markets, and ultimately ensure Louisiana sees a more prosperous future.”