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Do you want to transform Phoenix into a place where freedom thrives? Are you looking to network, learn from like-minded peers, and discuss key issues? AFF-Phoenix is a professional development network for individuals who believe in the power of personal liberty, entrepreneurship, and innovation–channeled through free markets–to promote positive social change.


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Austin Jack

Austin Jack

Austin Jack is an experienced business and non-profit consultant for organizations throughout the state of Arizona and the Eastern European nation of Montenegro. He has worked in various industries including: public policy, international diplomacy, behavioral health, anti-human trafficking, and political campaigning and fundraising. He is president and CEO to Jack Development Strategies, LLC, founder of Mindful U, INC., and director of development at the Goldwater Institute. He writes, "America’s Future Foundation offers a platform for young leaders and entrepreneurs who truly believe in classical liberalism to join forces across the nation. AFF offers the opportunity to network, learn, and engage with unique business and policy leaders in the community while reinforcing the true meaning of a free market society. To be a member of AFF is to be an ambassador for freedom and liberty in the United States of America. It was Ronald Reagan who said 'Freedom is but a generation away from extinction'. This is true now more than ever, and is why our nation needs organizations like AFF to exist. We ARE the next generation of Freedom Fighters!"