July 6, 2016

Drop Outs, Celebrities, and Spirit Animals.

By: Brandon Livengood

A minority of millennials know what they want to do in life. Of the fortunate few who have defined their passion, what is the likelihood they can bring it to life?

For those who are still unsure, things are even worse. The typical excuse for college students is “I have four years to figure it out.” Go ahead and take your time, but don’t expect a magical solution to come without hard work.

The three posts below, shed light on how to make the most of your 20’s. They examine what makes this period successful. All three of these bloggers understand that only you know the answer to what is best for you and when. They offer an insight of what it means to pursue your passion and fail along the way.

Considering dropping out of college? Isaac Morehouse explains a framework to help you better make that decision. Trying to climb the ladder at work and looking for office advice? Katie Burke of HubSpot highlights the “need-to-knows” of office life at 22. Day dreaming about your favorite celebrity? Jennifer Smith points out the experiences and habits of such highly successful people.

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