AF-Southwest | A Closer Look at the Kyle Rittenhouse Case

December 14, 2021 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Greenwood Brewing

425 East Roosevelt Street , Phoenix,

The Second Amendment protects Americans’ rights to bear arms and defend one’s self when necessary. During the past year, riots, peaceful protests and harmful acts against communities by organizations in disagreement with the country’s executive branch have led to a new form of unsettled distrust with our local leaders. One that has truly devastated local economies and small businesses wanting to earn an honest living in the US.

In this conversation, we will examine the legality behind the Kyle Rittenhouse Case and how Kyle’s attorney’s successfully defended this young man’s freedom and constitutional rights in court.

While opinions vary across the country, the fact of the matter is, this young man is now free and we must use this opportunity to understand protections of the Second Amendment and debunk the fallacies regarding the case that are continuing to circulate among major media companies locally and even globally.

Our panel of legal experts will walk us through the trial and how the judge and juror set this young man free — this is an event you really won’t want to miss!

Join America’s Future-Southwest on Tuesday, December 14th for happy hour to uncover the legality behind the infamous Kyle Rittenhouse case and the argument for his acquittal.

An engaging Question & Answer portion of the talk will conclude the night’s planned activities. Tickets are $5 (+ a small Eventbrite fee) for purchase ahead of time via Eventbrite. The event includes a delicious beer crafted by Greenwood Brewing served in their outdoor beer garden. No need for business attire – come as you are!