AF-Southwest Virtual Event | Investing in your future now (Virtual) - America's Future

AF-Southwest Virtual Event | Investing in your future now (Virtual)

July 28, 2021 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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Retirement. Something that seems so far away from today for many young professionals, but something that you need to start considering now. Especially if you plan on not working during the second half of your life.

With the economy changing and investments growing in the national and global marketplace, it is now more important than ever for young professionals to being planning for a healthy financial future for themselves, and their families.

Do you want to retire someday? How can you plan to retire in today’s free market economy? And what skills do you need in order to manage your own finances and dictate your financial future? We will answer these questions and more on Wednesday, July 28th at 5PM PST with our friends at Target Retirement Services.

Join America’s Future Southwest, Arizona Talks, and knowledgeable financial executives to learn best practices for a healthy financial future. You’ll hear client stories, things you can do now with small deposits, and how to begin planning for retirement.