Austin Ridesharing: Drinks, Debate, Designated Drivers

July 30, 2014 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Chicago House

607 Trinity, Austin, TX 78701

Austin embraces entrepreneurs, but not those competing against Austin’s taxis.  Want to use ridesharing? Good luck, the city is citing drivers and impounding their cars.  How about starting your own taxi business?  The city capped taxi licenses so you can’t.  Can Austin violate your economic liberty to protect the taxi cartel?

We will be hearing from Larry Salzman, an attorney with the Institute for Justice. Larry litigates cutting-edge constitutional cases, protecting individual rights, including economic liberty. The Institute is litigating a constitutional case involving ridesharing in Chicago, and has successfully litigated constitutional cases challenging taxi cartels in Milwaukee and Denver, to name a few.

Come hear what arguments both sides are making, and have a drink on us.

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