How to Give and Get Involved Now to Make an Impact - America's Future Foundation

How to Give and Get Involved Now to Make an Impact

December 11, 2019 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Detroit Beer Co.

1529 Broadway St., Detroit, MI 48226

Well into the 20th century, private philanthropy and a robust network of civil society organizations helped those in need across the country. Today, we’ve ceded so much of that to government or charitable entities working heavily at government’s direction. How can we play a part to give back and help those in need? Where do we start? How can we make a difference?

Americans are a charitable people, and as young professionals, we want to be a part of that. Yet even if we feel we “should” be giving, we sometimes get in our own way. We fear we’ll end up giving to the “wrong” charity, we feel cash-strapped, and often we think our gifts are too small to matter. Instead, we need to think of charitable giving as a habit, and one that has a lot of positives beyond the impact we have on a cause. Join AFF-Detroit as we welcome Vice President of DonorsTrust, Peter Lipsett. Peter has spent fifteen years working in the philanthropy world and will join us to answer our questions on charitable giving. He’ll also offer the top reasons we should be giving now, even a little bit, to not only make a better world, but to improve our own lives as well.

Join us at 6:00pm to meet and network with other young professionals from across Michigan. The remarks will begin at 6:30pm, with more networking to follow. As always, we’ll have free food and your first drink is on us.