Southeast Michigan Chapter Event: Liberty, Property Rights, and Entrepreneurship in 21st Century America

June 15, 2016 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Detroit Beer Company

1529 Broadway Street, Detroit,

Join Northwood University and our America’s Future Foundation Chapter for our first combined summer meetup on Liberty, Property Rights, and Entrepreneurship in 21st Century America: Detroit and What’s Ahead. We are excited to have our keynote speakers, Timothy and Christina Sandefur, from Cato and the Goldwater Institute. There will be lots of opportunities to network and chat with them and other leaders from the public and private sectors. Join us for this dynamic discussion and evening to mingle with other professionals from across Michigan and grow your network. We will have lots of food and your first drink is on us!

Ten years after the Supreme Court’s infamous eminent domain decision, Kelo v. New London, Timothy and Christina Sandefur’s Cornerstone of Liberty surveys the landscape of property rights in the United States, from redevelopment projects that seize people’s homes and businesses for the benefit of politically-connected developers, to environmental regulations that forbid people from building homes on land they supposedly own, to asset-forfeiture laws that let the police seize property involved in a crime even if the owner is not accused of any wrongdoing. Combing these real-life stories with the philosophical and legal background of private property rights, they will show why the right to ownership is one of the most essential of human rights. Also learn practical, on the ground recommendations for better protecting property owners and all Americans.

Liberty, Property Rights, and Entrepreneurship in 21st Century America: Detroit and What’s Ahead

Northwood University & America’s Future Foundation Summer Meetup

Keynote Speakers: Timothy and Christina Sandefur, Cato Institute and Goldwater Institute

When: Wednesday, June 15th

Doors Open at 6pm

Remarks at 6:30pm

As always, join when you can!

Where: Detroit Beer Company, 1529 Broadway St, 3rd Floor

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