Tour Community First! Village & A Short Film at the Alamo Amphitheater - America's Future Foundation

Tour Community First! Village & A Short Film at the Alamo Amphitheater

April 19, 2019 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Community First! Village

9301 Hog Eye Rd. #Suite 950 , Austin, TX 78724

Anyone who’s driven through downtown Austin around the Arch shelter knows that our current approach to homelessness is not working. Whether it’s noisy, overcrowded shelters or strict sobriety requirements to receive help, our local government spends $30 million per year towards this complex social problem, but receives little meaningful results.

Mobile Loaves & Fishes have created a 100% privately-funded solution that is putting a permanent end to some of Austin’s most challenges cases of long-term, chronic homelessness through their development, the Community First! Village.

Community First! Village is a 51-acre master planned community that provides affordable, permanent housing and a supportive community for men and women coming out of chronic homelessness. This transformative residential program exists to love and serve our neighbors who have been living on the streets, while also empowering the surrounding community into a lifestyle of service with those experiencing homelessness.

AFF, along with the Center for Natural Living, invite you to join us for a guided tour of Community First! Village, followed by a short film screening on self-sustaining lifestyles at the Alamo Drafthouse outdoor amphitheater located in the village.

You will be amazed at all this wonderful community has to offer (from a bed & breakfast, an artist studio, a mechanic shop, a community farm, and more!) and how their approach is lifting our neighbors here in Austin out of homelessness.

After the tour, we’ll enjoy drinks and snacks on the amphitheater lawn and watch a 25-minute episode on Sovereign Living. A community-run food truck will be on the grounds serving up burgers and fries for those who want to enjoy dinner at the event.

The community’s regular “Friday Movie Night” will take place immediately following our event, and all attendees of this event are welcome to stay and enjoy the film! “Bumblebee” will be on the big screen following our episode screening.

Bring lawn chairs and blankets for lounging outside!