Learn It, Live It, Love It: The Gratitude Edition - America's Future Foundation

November 22, 2019


Learn It, Live It, Love It: The Gratitude Edition

By: Cindy Cerquitella

Learn It:
I loved this recent piece from A.C. Fitzgerald and Associates. It’s written for young professionals in the fundraising field, but the lessons apply across job categories. My favorite item: find a mentor–I couldn’t agree with this point more! 

Does your friend group have such exciting conversations that you wish the world could listen in? Do you have strong opinions about current events and need a place to vent? Enter, the Young Voices Podcast accelerator. This program will give you training, equipment, and coaching to launch or grow your podcast. Apply now! 

If you’re a seasoned speaker and looking for ways to take your public speaking to the next level, check out the Ewing School’s VIP Speakers Workshop Series. Over nine weeks you’ll hone your skills and dive deep into effective storytelling to ensure your audience is riveted. 

Live it:
Those of you in DC, please join us for lunch on December 5 as Howard Husock discusses his newest book, Who Killed Civil Society, and brainstorm ways to revive this vital piece of a strong and prosperous society. We’ll be hosting this event in partnership with Novus Society. Your $10 suggested donation will go to support DC Central Kitchen. Those in Detroit, don’t miss a great event on giving taking place December 11

Also, hat tip to AFF-Jacksonville leader Rhachel Toombs for unearthing this great article in National Review in 2017 on how to recommit to community in the new year. 

Love it:
I loved this piece from my facilitation instructors on how to design a meaningful Thanksgiving gathering. Getting together with family and friends next Thursday is a fantastic opportunity to connect and create an afternoon that strengthens bonds and inspires deeper relationships. I apply the “A,B,Cs” to every meeting or AFF event I plan. 

I enjoyed this fun piece, the Hyper-Organized Christmas Shopper, not least because it includes a quote from my good friend, and frequent AFF attendee, Katherine Cullen. If you’re getting started on your Christmas shopping now, be sure to check out Kristine’s great post on giving meaningful gifts.