July 25, 2016

Not Being “That Guy”

By: Brandon Livengood

There are countless pieces of networking advice. In fact the more advice you get, the more difficult it becomes to determine what is useful.  But, don’t let that discourage you.

Your professional connections can be the difference between landing a job and unemployment. Connecting however, means more than swapping cards and shaking hands. This is what people often ignore. Networking is as much about maintaining relationships as it is about meeting new people. So how do you not only connect, but cultivate a relationship?

Without a doubt, this process can be difficult. How do you maintain a good relationship with someone you only see intermittently? What’s the balance between talking too much and talking too little? Unfortunately, there is no single algorithm to apply. You don’t want to be so casual as to appear flaky. Likewise, you don’t to appear so interested that you’re desperate. Either extreme can turn people away, and foil the work you’ve already put in.

Thankfully you are not the only one thinking about this! We have compiled a few authors’ takes on how to keep new connections alive without being “that guy.”


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Getting a life & knowing everybody’s birthday.

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“They might not even remember who you are.”

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“The problem: most job seekers who think they’re networking aren’t actually accomplishing anything.”