December 9, 2019

AFF Community

Talent Market Moves Operations to America’s Future Foundation

By: AFF Editors

You might’ve seen we teamed up with Talent Market several times this year at conferences. We shared a table and co-hosted a session on “staying involved in the liberty movement after graduation,” both in your community (with AFF) and your career (with Talent Market).

Talent Market and AFF at conference

Well, we liked working together so much, we decided to make it official!

We’re thrilled to share that AFF is acquiring Talent Market, and beginning January 1, 2020, Talent Market will officially move its operations from DonorsTrust to AFF.

Why is this partnership so cool?

Talent Market’s mission is highly complementary to AFF’s–we are both working to help talented individuals like you get further involved in the effort to make America a freer and more prosperous place.

Talent Market’s new Network Engagement Initiative, which engages entry and mid-level professionals interested in pursuing careers in the free-market nonprofit space, will be a huge resource for many of you in the AFF community.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be partnering with America’s Future Foundation. AFF played a pivotal role in my own career development, so I know first-hand how important the organization is to the liberty movement. We can’t wait to work together to advance the cause of liberty,” said Talent Market Executive Director Claire Kittle Dixon

We will each remain focused on advancing our respective missions, but this new partnership will allow new doors to be opened for joint collaboration–like our YALcon panels, but even bigger!

Stay tuned for more information about future projects from AFF and Talent Market. We plan to have some more exciting updates for you in the months and years to come.

In the meantime, get to know the awesome folks at Talent Market, and join us in welcoming them to team AFF!