December 21, 2021

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12 Days of AF: Texas Hub

By: AF Editors

Everything is bigger in Texas. From its immense size to its rapidly growing population and its booming economy, it’s not difficult to see why Texas is an attractive place to work and live. 

Texas’ population grew by 16% or almost 30 million new Texans in the last ten years. With 1,000 people moving to Texas every day, Texas’ growth doesn’t show signs of slowing down anytime soon. 

With so much growth and prosperity happening in Texas, we must look at what about the Texas Model is so attractive. Lower cost of living, less government involvement, and a sense of community and personal responsibility come to mind. We also must look at how we can protect and instill these values to allow Texas to remain a beacon of liberty. 

That’s why America’s Future launched the Texas Hub this year. 

The AF-Austin Chapter has existed for years but went dark during the government lockdowns due to the difficulty of providing dynamic online programming. The chapter relaunched in May of 2021 with in-person events and the goal of regrowing the chapter in preparation for the hub launch in the fall.

12 Days of AF: Texas Hub 1

The launch party in September was well attended with representation from many of our liberty organizational partners and liberty-curious young professionals. Since the launch, we’ve increased our event programming to two events a month and have covered a wide variety of topics and events over the fall quarter including a ghost tour in downtown Austin, a book discussion on the nation’s founding values and modern implementations, a Friendsgiving feast, and a discussion on COVID-19 shutdowns and recovery from an economic perspective. 

As the year draws to a close, planning is underway for a variety of events in the year to come. In 2022, the AF Texas Hub is going to be focusing its community interest project on the idea of community itself. How is community created and affected, how can we become better and more informed citizens, and how can we give back and help to improve the communities in which we live. 

12 Days of AF: Texas Hub 2

We’ll kick off the year with a workshop on how to form better habits. In the spring, we’ll be volunteering at Austin’s Community First Village, which seeks to provide long-term living in a tiny homes community for individuals experiencing homelessness. On Star Wars Day in May, we’ll learn how the force can save the world, and in December, we’ll be ending our programming with an ugly sweater bar crawl. 

There are so many exciting things for the AF Texas Hub on the calendar and in the works for 2022. If you’re interested in joining the fun, please join the AF Texas Hub Group or sign up to receive emails.