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A Reflection Thanks to the Declaration of Independence
By: Rodney Rios July 24, 2024

America’s founding principles are Christian, and the basics of the nation as “Western” means Christian Civilization. The United States and its founding are grounded in truths, moral law, and an...

“Feminism” Is Silencing the Voices of Jewish Women
By: Chloe Sparwath July 22, 2024

After Hamas started a war with Israel in October of 2023, horrific accounts of brutal sexual crimes committed against Israeli women and girls began to surface. Then came the deafening...

“Undivide Us”: Hopeful Doc About the Future of American Democracy
By: Justin Tucker July 18, 2024

Cable news and social media give the impression that our federation of republics is on the verge of dissolution. Some believe the differences between groups of Americans are too great...



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