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5 Do’s and Don’ts for Video Interviews
By: Leah Nalepa June 21, 2024

During COVID, casual work attire became the norm in work-from-home, hybrid work environments.  Professional events were all canceled, so there was no need to get dressed up. Four years after...

AF-NE Activism Continues to Make a Difference in New Jersey
By: Anthony Miragliotta June 19, 2024

Since December 2023, I authored two pieces for the AF Blog on the proposed payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) programs in Parsippany Troy-Hills, New Jersey, where AF-NE Board Member,...

Heroes of History: The Allied Stand Against Tyranny
By: Rodney Rios June 17, 2024

It needs to be said the Second World War was worth winning. Eighty years after D-Day, it is fitting to reflect on the conflict that made the modern world. As the...



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