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Dress Codes, Explained
By: Leah Nalepa March 27, 2023

Most of us never fully learned the difference between dress codes or what they are in the first place. We are thrown into the real world and expected to know...

The Problem with Censoring Roald Dahl’s Classic Stories
By: Brittany Hunter March 24, 2023

Author Roald Dahl was once called “one of the greatest storytellers for children of the 20th century.” Indeed, since the 1940s, children all around the globe have gotten lost in the...

“Cocaine Bear” Fails to Lampoon the War on Drugs
By: Justin Tucker March 23, 2023

Black comedy Cocaine Bear, as with Snakes on a Plane and Hot Tub Time Machine, is a film with a title that succinctly encapsulates its ridiculous premise. Set in 1985...


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