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“¡Patria y vida!” for Cuba
By: D.K. Williams July 28, 2021

“¡Patria y vida!” is the rallying cry of Cubans protesting 60 years of communist oppression. It means “homeland and life” and is an explicit repudiation of Fidel Castro’s pro-communist slogan,...

How Not To Be a Former President
By: Ojel L. Rodriguez Burgos July 27, 2021

The election of 2016 was not the first time Donald Trump was in the spotlight. The billionaire real estate developer was long a focal point in the entertainment world. And...

The Fight to End Conversion Therapy in the United States
By: Caleb Lester July 26, 2021

For decades, the world of conversion therapy has been hidden from  view and hushed in church circles all around the world (or praised, depending on your congregation or where you...

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