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How a Child Sees War
By: Emily Schroen September 30, 2022

Peter Burkard only knew about war for the first five years of his life. He remembers hiding in a German bomb shelter when the Nazis surrendered in 1945, and fearing...

BoJack Horseman and the Modern West
By: Rodney Rios September 29, 2022

Depression, suicide, anxiety, drug overdoses, and a “loneliness epidemic” all indicate that the United States, and much of the Western world, is consumed by a mental health crisis. There seems...

A Great Egocentric Disservice to the American Youth
By: Jordan Smith September 28, 2022

English, mathematics, science, and social science: this is the stripped-down version of four years of American high school. Speaking from experience, my parents’ experience, and their parents’ experience, precedent has...


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