January 5, 2023

Episode 9: Putting Your Best Brand Forward, with Cathleen Daly

By: AF Editors

“I was doing my own marketing all along without realizing it”

For episode 9, we spoke with Arizona-based marketer, creative professional, and public speaker Cathleen Daly! Cathleen’s diverse marketing and communications experiences range from working with local businesses to corporate Fortune 500 companies in the industries of fashion, non-profits, film & tv production, government, real estate, higher education, and more.

Cathleen also manages her business and brand, Discovering Daly LLC. Through her blog and social media channels, she creates lifestyle, career, fashion, and travel-focused content along with partnering with businesses, creatives, and local events as a brand ambassador. She also works with personal branding and business clients in discovering their unique voices through consulting and speaking & training events.

Above all else, Cathleen is an avid learner, a believer that an attitude of gratitude is always in style, and leads by her core values of authenticity, creativity, growth, and consistency. She has a passion for being connected to her local community and with her deep ties to the world of adoption, Daly is also involved in foster care issues and adoption awareness on a local and global scale.

Check out our conversation on how to build a personal brand, best utilize social media, and shape your personal narratives!

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