Community Initiatives

Community Initiatives

America’s Future encourages young people to live full, empowered lives, informed by the ideals of liberty. 

Since 2012, AF city-based chapters have built communities of ambitious, civic-minded young leaders eager to network and learn all across the country. We’ve identified changemakers and leaders eager to bring greater opportunity and prosperity to their cities, and that are ready to tackle the obstacles our cities face. 

As future leaders, we’re eager to help bring life back to families, schools, businesses, and the arts. We’re ready to work with our fellow neighbors to prosper together and find ways to partner more closely with them. To that end, we are excited to announce our new Community Initiatives!

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Starting in 2022, AF city-based Chapters and Regional Hubs will launch Initiatives specifically tailored to meet unique challenges their cities face. From affordable housing, to school choice, to government transparency and back, there are a host of challenges to meet, and our leaders on the ground are eager to face them. 

With these Initiatives, we’re supporting the individuals who are active and engaged in their communities. These are your cities, your communities. You are best suited and positioned to make positive change. We are here to work alongside you in hosting opportunities from educational events, to community service, to partnering with local groups.

Here are the 2023 issues our AF Chapters & Hubs will be taking on:


Government Accountability and Transparency


Infrastructure and Government Accountability


Crime and Public Safety


Criminal Justice Reform and Mental Health, Education

California Hub

Freedom to Live, Work, & Create

D.C. Hub

Homelessness and Poverty

Northeast Hub

Government Accountability and Challenging Elitism

Southeast Hub

Entrepreneurship and Environmentalism

We will need your support, and the support of all those who believe their communities can be more free and more prosperous places. From organizers, to writers, to policy experts, to artists, to connectors, and to problem solvers, there are a host of roles and skills that will help us build out these Initiatives. Communities are only as strong as the people within them, and we will need your skills, local knowledge, and passion for your city.

We hope you will join us on this new adventure, bringing the unique talents and experiences that only you have to offer. After all, YOU are America’s Future. Let’s build that future together!

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Are you ready to help your communities grow and flourish?