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Here’s a Compromise on Unemployment Benefits to Help America Get Back to Work
By: John Dale Grover May 26, 2020

With at least 33 million Americans now unemployed due to the coronavirus shutdown, many are asking when and how to get the US economy going again. The cost of losing...

Learn It, Live It, Love It: The Bigger Life Edition
By: Cindy Cerquitella May 22, 2020

A couple of weeks before all of this started, I was on vacation in Mexico. I blissfully strolled through the lush green Parc Rio De Janeiro, ate blue corn quesadillas...

Weekly Writers Round-Up: What COVID-19 Means for Vaping, Education, and Antisemitism
By: Josh Evans May 20, 2020

Each week, we’ll be featuring opinion pieces from the alumni and current participants of AFF’s Writing Fellows Program. A few highlights from the past week are below. Do you dream...

Recovering from a Layoff: How to Stay Afloat
By: Ashley Keimach May 19, 2020

Three months ago, my life was normal. I had a great job, a baby on the way, and a long list of New Year’s resolutions I was determined to make...

The Ordinary Citizen’s Guide to America’s Reopening
By: Lydia Pitea May 18, 2020

It’s happening. America is on the road to reopening the economy (whatever that actually means). Wherever you stand on the reopening debate, sooner or later things will all be open...

How to Talk about Your Salary Expectations
By: Anastasia Uglova May 15, 2020

Are you staring at the field in the job application that requires you to input your salary — especially numerically — so you can’t even get away with writing “negotiable”?...


Communicating with Empathy During Reopening
By: AFF Editors May 21, 2020

“Openers” and “Closers” have far more in common than they might think. We can both express our concerns and viewpoints, and find middle ground on the reopening process that works...

Meet the 2020 Local Reporting Seminar Class
By: AFF Editors May 14, 2020

This month, we’re kicking off our first-ever Local Reporting Seminar in order to equip aspiring reporters with the necessary skills and connections they need to effectively cover the stories that...

What Your State’s Shutdown Laws Mean for Reopening
By: Esther Bardo May 7, 2020

During times of health emergencies, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, governors or other state officials are given emergency powers to protect the health and safety of their citizens. The...

Reopen, Rebuild: Our Focus in May
By: Cindy Cerquitella May 6, 2020

I always think apocalypse movies end too early. We spend two hours breathlessly watching as civilization collapses. While that’s fun for an adrenaline rush, I always want to watch the...

Meet Kirsten Golinski, AFF-Milwaukee’s New Chapter Leader
By: AFF Editors May 1, 2020

America’s Future Foundation is excited to welcome our new AFF-Milwaukee chapter leader, Kirsten Golinski! Kirsten is currently the development associate at the Badger Institute. Before joining the Badger Institute, Kirsten...

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Jumpstart Your Career in Local Journalism
By: Josh Evans April 21, 2020

While the changing media landscape has brought new opportunities for aspiring writers, it’s also led to a number of  local newspapers cutting staff or shuttering altogether. This gap in local...