Community Standards & Code of Conduct

Your attendance at any America’s Future Event, including virtual events, indicates your agreement to the following terms and conditions. Event attendees are encouraged to register in advance of admission to our events. A valid photo ID can be requested for registration and admission.


Events held by America’s Future and its chapters are held for the benefit of our members and our network. America’s Future further reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to physically remove from the premises—or block from virtual participation—any person, regardless of registration status, who, in our judgment, threatens to disrupt, inhibit, or undermine the quality of this event or the activities of our guests. “Premises” shall be defined by America’s Future in consultation with venue management and local law enforcement.

Additional conditions of attendee conduct may apply according to America’s Future agreement with the event venue’s owner and local law enforcement. Any person removed may be subject to arrest or detention by law enforcement for violation of this policy or the codes of the jurisdiction of the event. Nothing in this policy is designed to infringe on speech or conduct on public property. By registering for or attending this event, you agree that America’s Future, as well as its partners, contractors, and vendors, assumes no liability for injury, damage, or loss that may be related in any way to traveling to, attending, or traveling from this event, or with the implementation of this policy.

Code of Conduct at America’s Future Events

-All persons attending, supporting, or in the vicinity of an America’s Future event should be treated and should treat others with dignity regardless of professional status, sex, gender, age, race, marital status, ethnicity, or religion. We are a community that welcomes diverse thought and respectful discourse among those who disagree.

-The primary purpose of these events is to improve professional relationships among a diverse group of peers representing many viewpoints and backgrounds. Any behavior threatening to undermine the strengthening of professional ties among all in attendance is discouraged.

-No substances should be consumed at any time above a person’s ability to conduct themselves professionally.

-Any behavior that threatens any individual’s physical safety will not be tolerated.

-America’s Future and/or other event staff may, using their own judgment, elect to approach an individual attendee at any time to remind them of the agreed-upon event participation guidelines, if needed.

-America’s Future reserves the right to deregister any attendee at any time in an effort to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.