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LEAD Fellowship

10,000 Baby Boomers retire every day.
Are you ready to lead when they leave?

A recent study from Pew Research Center says that 50% more young Americans are in leadership and management than they were a decade ago. Millennials and Gen Z are rising rapidly into the upper ranks of organizations across the country. America’s Future wants to prepare you for your next opportunity in your organizations and communities. 

The LEAD Fellowship, launching in Fall 2023, will help new and emerging leaders develop practical skills and adopt new mindsets in order to craft a freedom-focused leadership philosophy. This collaborative course will give you the skills and network you need to rise in your career. 

Applications for Fall 2023 LEAD Fellows are CLOSED! Sign up here for updates on the next application window!

About the LEAD Fellowship:

Over the course of six weeks, participants will develop: 

  • Their leadership philosophy
  • The practical skills (strategic planning, human resources tools, and more!) that you need to be an effective leader at any level of an organization and how to get to the next level 
  • The mindsets you can develop that will make you a successful leader
  • A cross-country peer network to support your growth

Classes will be held virtually on Thursday evenings from 6:30 – 8 pm ET.

Meet The Instructor!LEAD Fellows

Meredith Turney is the Senior Director of Leadership and Talent Development at State Policy Network, where she helps state-based think tank staff with their personal and professional leadership and building strong, collaborative teams. She specializes in 1:1 leadership coaching, peer group facilitation, talent development, and organization culture.

Meredith is also a Certified Professional Coach with the International Coach Federation and graduate of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. For her undergrad, Meredith graduated from the Torrey Honors Institute at Biola University. She received her juris doctorate, with cum laude honors, from Oak Brook College of Law. Meredith is a proud Native Texan who lives in Austin with her husband and son.

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You’ll hear from speakers across industry sectors, including former Congressman Bob Inglis and Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Lou Stone. More instructor announcements to come!

Bob Inglis is the Executive Director of republicEn.org. He was elected to the U.S. Congress in 1992, having never run for office before. He represented Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina, from 1993-1998, and then returned to the practice of commercial real estate law in Greenville, S.C. In 2004, he was re-elected to Congress and served until 2010.



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Louis Stone is a licensed CPA with over 20 years experience partnering with non-profit, professional service and manufacturing organization management teams to drive growth and innovation. Prior to joining Texas Public Policy Foundation, Louis introduced reserve budgeting to the Illinois Policy Institute as its CFO and spearheaded several cost-saving initiatives to better position the organization for long term success.



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Collin Roth is Director of Strategy Development at State Policy Network, working directly with state think tanks on strategy development and implementation. Previously, he served as Communications Director at the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty where he helped craft and execute communications strategy for federal and state litigation, policy research, and legislative initiatives. He’s been published in The Wall Street Journal and National Review and was a frequent guest and commentator on Milwaukee radio and television.


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Joel Trammell is a serial entrepreneur and lifelong learner about building great organizations. Joel is the owner of Texas CEO Magazine, which reaches more than 10,000 CEOs across the state. After decades as a CEO, he identified a pervasive problem: many of his fellow business leaders seriously lacked the fundamental tools and education to make their companies truly great. He launched his website to provide the support and guidance his peers were lacking, and he also wrote a book titled The CEO Tightrope, a comprehensive guide featuring proven techniques and approaches for overcoming the unique challenges of being a CEO. Joel regularly speaks at conferences and events nationwide. He has contributed to Entrepreneur, Forbes and Inc.com, sharing his experienced-based insight on business leadership topics.


Important Dates – 2023

Fall 2023

  • Applications open August 1st
  • Applications close September 4th
  • Interviews will take place September 8th
  • Classes run from October 5th to November 19th. No class on October 26th


Do I have to be an AF National Member to apply? 

No. However, AF National Members get preferential acceptance into all AF fellowships. Become a member today!

Do I have to be available for all classes to participate?

Yes. Out of respect for all applicants and participants, you must commit to all six sessions to participate.

Do I have to currently be in a leadership position to apply? 

No! Participants do not have to be in a formal leadership position to be part of the program.

What makes a strong candidate for this program?

Great candidates for this program will demonstrate an interest in leadership, strong critical thinking skills, and intellectual curiosity.

“Together we create our future reality, so we should do so consciously, collaboratively, and responsibly.” – John Mackey, Conscious Capitalism

Let us help you fulfill your full potential as a leader!

Accepted applicants will be notified after the application deadline. Additional questions should be directed to [email protected].