Brewing Business

Brewing Business

Welcome to our new podcast! Hosted by Austin Jack, Brewing Business is a platform for young entrepreneurs to share compelling stories of how they rose to the occasion to advance their businesses by embracing free market principles.

Brewing Business DRAFT 2

Hosted by Austin Jack

Brewing Business DRAFTServing as the Chief Development Officer to one of the nation’s leading public policy and litigation centers for the last five years, the Goldwater Institute, while simultaneously serving as the Southwest Regional Hub Director for America’s Future, Austin Jack comes with well over a decade of executive leadership experience in the business and public policy world. From founding companies in the tech industry such as Yard Service on Demand, where he serves as CEO, and StarNav, where he is the current Director of Emerging Markets, and managing his private single-family office founded in 2021, Jack Venture Group, Austin has served and is serving in dozens of founder and owner capacities. Additionally, his work in the nation of Montenegro was publicized in international media outlets in the Balkans which was a catalyst for the launch of the Lucha Institute – a nonprofit public policy organization advocating for less government intervention in Montenegro’s private marketplaces. Amidst all of this, Austin currently serves as the President & CEO to Jack Development Strategies where he advises companies and charitable organizations, large and small, on ways to improve their infrastructure and expand capabilities into new marketplaces. Lastly, he manages non-profit programs for at risk youth for Legacy Cares, Inc., a local Arizona non-profit organization employing over 500 employees throughout the East Valley of the Phoenix Metro Area where he works on programs providing positive impact in the lives of young athletes 19 and under. Austin is by all means, a serial entrepreneur. 

What can you expect from the pod?
Each of our guests will have compelling stories about their “rise to the occasion” and how they grew their business by living by a set of free market principles that empowered them to grow as leaders, and eventually into the heads of their individual companies and organizations to which they serve.

Where can I watch or listen?

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