December 4, 2020


We Are America’s Future

By: AF Editors

As we celebrate 25 years, we’ve never been more energized to keep moving upwards.

Looking ahead to the next 25 years, we know our nation faces some serious challenges. The events of 2020 have opened our eyes to the important conversations we must have and the work we cannot put off in order to achieve the life, liberty and happiness our nation promises. The promise of America’s Future isn’t guaranteed – the responsibility rests on us, the next generation of leaders, thinkers, activists, and citizens to bravely face the challenges ahead and to discover the solutions that will leave our country better than we found it. America’s Future is ours to build.

There is a reason we believe in freedom over control, because when the government inserts itself into our lives, things crumble (families, livelihoods, institutions). And those fingerprints are everywhere, from the shape of our apples, to the medicines we can take, to how we conduct business. What we’re seeing today is proof that we are right – that human flourishing can only happen when we set each other free.

When we are free, we build a world that is filled with wonder. We build a world where human dignity is honored, where opportunity abounds, and where innovation is constant. We know what we are capable of, and we know that when people are free, when they are raised in a culture of responsibility and resilience, amazing things happen.

At AFF our mission is to develop lifelong, effective advocates for freedom. We aren’t here to burn it down, we’re here to join hands and rise up, to build a future we can be proud of.

If that sounds exciting to you, we want you to join us as we look boldly to the future. Moving forward, we’ll now be known as America’s Future – this is our passion, this is our vision, and this is our calling.

As America’s Future we’re inviting you to join us in brand new ways. While you’ll still be able to participate in chapters in 13 cities, we’ve launched three regional hubs to help serve young leaders in the Northeast, Capital Area, and Southwest. And beginning in January, our new membership program will help accelerate your passion. Whether freedom is your career, or your hobby, this membership will connect you with a country full of changemakers, and give you opportunities to debate, learn, grow and lead.

We are America’s Future, and with your help we are going to make sure it’s one with Liberty and Justice for All.