February 18, 2022


Masterminds Deadline is Feb. 28th!

By: AF Editors

Attention All Changemakers And Go-Getters:
Are You Ready To Take Your Goals To The Next Level?

Join an exclusive community of ambitious young professionals as you journey together through your biggest hurdles, hangups, and triumphs. Learn from each other and an expert trainer, fuel your personal growth, and build authentic, deep relationships with your fellow mastermind members.

Applications for Spring 2022 Masterminds are open!

What exactly IS a mastermind?

We’ll let entrepreneur and business strategist extraordinaire Tony Robbins take this definition:

The definition of a mastermind group is straightforward: a group of peers who meet to give each other advice and support. It’s similar to mentoring, but has several important differences. First, it will have five or six members, instead of being a one-on-one meeting. In a mastermind group, you will both give and receive advice, while in a mentorship, you’ll typically be on the receiving end.

Mastermind groups can also involve brainstorming, educational presentations and even discussing personal issues. So what is a mastermind group really? It is a “meeting of the minds” in every sense – a place where you can speak the truth and expect it in return.

Grassroots Mastermind – Turn Your Passion And Values Into Action


We’re excited to announce that Ryan Green, CEO and co-founder of Iron Light, will be the Mentor for our Spring 2022 Grassroots Masterminds!

Are you passionate about a particular issue or topic but aren’t sure how to set change in motion?  Are you fired up about it and want to get others fired up too?

The AF Grassroots Mastermind focuses on building activism and organizing strategies and skills.

In this mastermind, you’ll select a local or state issue, or an ideological topic (i.e., pushing back against socialism), and determine what kind of activism (civil or political) you will undertake to advocate for that issue. Using what you learn through the mastermind, you will create and execute a grassroots plan to take action and fuel change.

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Professional Development Mastermind – Become The CEO Of Your WorklifeMasterminds 1

We’re excited to announce that Claire Kittle Dixon, Executive Director of Talent Market, will be the Mentor for our Spring 2022 Professional Development Masterminds!

Do you feel stuck in your current role? Do you want to take on more responsibility, but aren’t sure how to prove yourself? Or maybe you just aren’t succeeding in the workplace like you imagined?

AF’s Professional Development Mastermind focuses on building the full suite of skills needed to succeed in your career: strategic planning and thinking; conflict resolution; communication; time, project, and stress management; mapping out career trajectory; networking; and more.

In this mastermind, you will set a professional goal – like “get promoted in the next year” or “move into a management position.” You’ll learn practical hard and soft skills to become more effective in the workplace, and you’ll develop and execute a personal development plan to achieve that goal.

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Is a Mastermind for you?

The AF Mastermind program is an opportunity to learn and refine skills that are crucial for enacting change. If you’re ready to take your goals up a notch and dive in deep with a group of likeminded peers who are pursuing similar goals, this is for you.

Here are few more details about you:

✔️  You’re an AF member! AF masterminds are exclusively for AF members. Not a member yet? Join now to apply!

✔️  You’re a young professional between the ages of 22-40 years old.

✔️  You’re committed to completing the program. This includes attending the full 12-week program and all coaching sessions + completing the final project

✔️  You’re committed to the values of AF and are looking to transform your community or career to help create a freer world.

✔️  You’re comfortable with both giving and receiving constructive feedback. This is what sets masterminds apart – the growth fueled by honest advice and discussion with your peers.

Here are the details:

When: Orientation is March 2nd, 2022. Applications now open!

How often: Masterminds meet once per week – the schedule will be set by the participants.

Where: You can be located anywhere in the US! AF Masterminds meet virtually.

Who: Five participants are selected for each mastermind. Participants must be AF National or Regional Hub Members and meet the qualifications above.

Application deadline: February 21st, 2022

Are You Ready To Grow And Set Your Goals In Motion?

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Questions? Reach out to [email protected].