December 17, 2020


Apply for the Spring 2021 Writing Fellows Program

By: AF Editors

Do you dream of seeing your byline in places like?

The Federalist
Washington Examiner
National Review
Reason Magazine

Your opinion matters–we’ll help you share it with the world.

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Applications for the Spring 2021 cohort are now open! The application deadline is January 4, 2021.

About the Program

As a writing fellow, you will:

– Learn how to pitch your work and build your portfolio

– Hone your writing skills in policy, opinion, and journalism

– Make connections with nationally known writers and editors

Spring, Summer, and Fall sessions available for Washington, DC-based fellows or state-based fellows.

A month after finishing, I pitched an article to Reason magazine, where I now work full-time.
– Billy Binion, Assistant Editor, Reason (Spring 2018)

The Washington, DC-based fellowship is tailored for aspiring writers interested in covering issues and publishing in outlets surrounding our nation’s capital. The DC-based fellowship typically meets in-person on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:30 pm ET for six weeks and features prominent writers and editors from the DC area. As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation, the Washington, DC-based Fall 2020 fellowship may meet virtually for all or part of the fellowship.

The state-based fellowship is held virtually via webcam on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:30 pm ET for six weeks and is designed for writers outside the DC-area. This state-based fellowship features well-known writers and editors from both Washington, DC, and across the country.

Both fellowships are small-group writing workshops, allowing fellows to dive in deep with instructors and receive personalized feedback.

Food and beverages are provided during the in-person sessions–unfortunately, we haven’t yet mastered virtual beverages, so virtual fellows will have to BYOB. You must be able to attend all six evening sessions, whether in person or virtual.

Alumni have been published in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Examiner, National Review, Reason, Forbes, the Daily Caller, and many other publications. They have gone on to work as reporters and opinion writers at prominent media outlets, as staffers in the White House and on Capitol Hill, and as senior fellows at think-tanks.

[The program] gave me the know-how and courage to get published, to seek out new sources of information, and to use my voice to make a difference.
– Beth Bailey, Freelance Writer (Fall 2018)


Past speakers and guests have included:

Writing Fellows 4

Ramesh Ponnuru speaks to Writing Fellows

Mollie Hemingway, senior editor at The Federalist

Tim Carney, commentary editor at the Washington Examiner

Philip Klein, managing editor at the Washington Examiner

Alexis Simendinger, RealClearPolitics White House Correspondent

Anneke Green, Senior Director at White House Writers Group

Peter Suderman, features editor at Reason Magazine

Ben Domenech, founder and publisher of The Federalist

Romina Boccia, research fellow at the Heritage Foundation

Julian Sanchez, senior fellow at the Cato Institute



AF got me my first byline in a national paper.
– Philip Wegmann,
White House/2020 Reporter, RealClearPolitics (Spring 2016)

Important Dates – 2021

Spring 2021 Season Cohort

– State-Based Fellowship: Tuesdays from mid-February through March

– DC Fellowship: Wednesdays from mid-February through March

– Applications due January 4, 2021

Summer 2021 Season Cohort

– State-Based Fellowship: Tuesdays from June through mid-July

– DC Fellowship: Wednesdays from June through mid-July

Fall 2021 Season Cohort

– State-Based Fellowship: Tuesdays from October through mid-November

– DC Fellowship: Wednesdays from October through mid-November

How to Apply

Applicants will need to submit:

– Completed application

– A resume

– Two published writing samples (no more than 1,000 words each)

A letter of recommendation may be sent to [email protected], but is not required.

Make your voice heard.
Apply now!

Accepted applicants will be notified after the application deadline. Additional questions should be directed to [email protected].