December 1, 2022

Episode 7: Horsing Around with an Equestrian Leader, with Carrie Hull

By: AF Editors

“Horses have made a massive impact on the global economy for 5,000 years”

This week we spoke with Carrie Hull, an experienced leader in the horse industry. Carrie was previously the Executive Director of the Great Meadow Foundation, an internationally recognized equestrian park and racecourse in Virginia. Prior to her time at Great Meadow, she served as the Executive Director of the Maryland Horse Council and Publisher of The Equiery magazine, the leading source for information, news, and services in the Maryland horse industry. Carrie has also worked as Vice President of Philanthropy for the EQUUS Foundation, the only national non-profit 100% dedicated to the future of America’s horses. Currently fueled by a passion to ensure the SLO (social license to operate) remains for the horse industry and for equestrian sport, Carrie advocates for necessary policy changes and advises on practical implementation.

Check out our conversation with Carrie on the financial workings of the equestrian industry, the long-reaching historical economic impact of horses, and the special place working with horses holds in her life. Don’t forget to rate and subscribe!

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