September 4, 2013

George Selgin Explains “Good Money”

By: AFF Editors

Lawrence W. Reed, President of FEE, asks Dr. George Selgin about the lessons we can learn from his recent book Good Money.

Dr. Selgin explains that many common beliefs about the government’s role in money are founded in myth. Once we dispel of these myths that ground government’s assertion of the right to monopolize money we can go about discussing much needed monetary reform in a rational way.

Dr. Selgin’s book Good Money provides strong evidence to support the idea that if we want a monetary system that is not only sound but gets sounder over time, we need to have the private sector doing it.

Click here to view Dr. Selgin’s entire 7/23/13 presentation to AFF Atlanta – “The Federal Reserve: A Century of Failure”

George Selgin is a professor of Economics at the University of Georgia, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, and the author of the book Good Money.