June 4, 2014

AFF Announces Staff Changes

By: Roger Custer

As of June 2, America’s Future Foundation is pleased to announce the following staff changes in order to continue providing you excellent programming and customer service:

Brit Vorreiter is promoted to Director of Membership and Programs. She will focus on DC membership as her primary responsibility while still overseeing major programs (gala, leadership dinners, collaborative programs) and managing contractors and interns who work in her department. Please contact her with any questions related to membership and programs, and let her know how she can help you advance liberty and plug into the AFF network. [email protected]

Andrew Parks joins the team as Program Manager. He will work with Brit to oversee happy hours, roundtables, and lunch programs. Andrew has more than four years of experience in program management and has been an AFF member for several years. His full-time job is the program coordinator in lectures and seminars at The Heritage Foundation. [email protected]

Lori Sanders joins the team as Director of Special Events. She will work to identify and cultivate mid-level AFF donors and alumni who sponsor special events and/or make regular gifts to AFF. She comes with more than five years of experience in the movement at AEI (where she coordinated the launch of Arthur Brooks’ book “Road to the Freedom”) and R Street Institute (where she handles outreach and has published research. She is a graduate of the Koch Associate Program and a long-time member of AFF’s roundtable committee. [email protected]

Kathryn Shelton is AFF’s Director of Chapter Advancement. In August, she will increase her responsibilities to coordinate development at the chapter level and coordinate recruitment and onboarding of new chapter leaders. She will continue her responsibilities related to chapter services including budgeting, marketing, and serving as the primary contact for chapter leaders. [email protected]

Jason Riddle is moving on from the team after August. In the meantime, please direct all chapter-related questions to him at [email protected] since Kathryn Shelton will be away temporarily.

Kati Harris will join the team as a Program Intern this summer in the DC office through the Koch Internship Program. She is a rising junior at the University of Oklahoma where she is president of the College Republicans and involved with many conservative and libertarian groups on campus. [email protected]

Connor Mabon will join the team as a Doublethink Intern this summer in the DC office through the Fund for American Studies Institute for Political Journalism. He is a 2014 graduate of the University of Dayton where he served as an editor of the campus paper. [email protected]

Joel Gehrke, Sarah Kerner, and Katherine Ruddy will continue in their roles.

To learn more about the whole AFF Team, please visit this site.