November 17, 2014

AFF Event Update from Southeast Michigan

By: Kathryn Shelton


On November 12th, the Southeast Michigan Chapter held an event on the issues surrounding gay marriage in the state. Attendees numbered around 26 people, and represented a broad pool of backgrounds and points of view on the topic.  Former Michigan Representative and Chair of the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance Leon Drolet addressed the reasons why Conservatives ought to support the issue of gay marriage, and delved into many of the arguments made for and against gay marriage.

Following his speech, there was a rousing Q&A, in which the attendees asked many thought-provoking questions ranging from the mechanics of removing the issue of marriage from government involvement entirely, to the question of whether the language and intent of the 14th Amendment could or could not provide standing to legalize gay marriage. After the Q&A ended, many of the attendees stuck around to talk with Leon, and to network and mingle with their peers. Due to the interest and excitement surrounding the event, the final guests stayed until well after the event end time.

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