April 4, 2017

AFF Community

AFF Remembers Kris Hammond

By: Roger Custer

AFF was sad to learn about the untimely passing of our friend and long-time member, Kris Hammond. He is pictured here at a 2013 Leadership Dinner with Senator Ted Cruz.

Few display the level of passion and involvement that Kris did.  He was a regular at AFF programs in DC, always bringing his smile and a genuine interest in getting to know his peers.

When I took the job as executive director in 2011, Kris was one of the first to congratulate me and ask to be more involved. He attended as many events as possible and sponsored almost every dinner and Gala we had.

He was politically involved in one of the most liberal cities in the country.  He knew he wouldn’t win, but he ran for office anyway in order to add views on limited government, free markets, and personal responsibility to the conversation.

We will keep his family in our thoughts and prayers through this difficult time.