December 17, 2013

AFF Southeast Michigan: The Type of Health Care Reform America Needs

By: Jacob Hayutin

Raleigh-12-4-1-300x199The Southeast Michigan Chapter of America’s Future Foundation had 25 young professionals gather from across metro Detroit to talk about health care on November 13.  Dr. Thomas Jeitschko, an Economics and Finance professor from Michigan State University and Dr. Matt McCord with Docs4PatientCare spoke.  Dr. Jeitschko focused on the economic arguments for health care and market reforms: specifically, what has and hasn’t worked in other markets and why reform is needed.  Dr. McCord focused more on patient care and what the drivers for care are.  He used many practical examples to showcase what isn’t working with health care and what reforms would work.  He stressed how the decoupling of the payments has really hurt the system.  Guests were enthusiastic about this topic and asked many questions. Young professionals stayed after to network and learn more from the guest speakers.

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Kathryn Shelton is the Director of Chapter Advancement for America’s Future Foundation.