July 17, 2012

AFF Thrives in Atlanta and Pittsburgh

By: Richard Lorenc

AFF has chapters throughout the country. Today, we’ll profile one of our most established chapters along with one of our newest and fastest growing.

AFF-Atlanta began earlier this year. Chapter chairman Jason Riddle and his team held a kickoff event in April featuring a panel of local leaders discussing the important question, “What Is Liberty?”

Coming up, on Thursday, July 26th, AFF-Atlanta is hosting an evening with liberty luminary Lawrence W. Reed, President of the Foundation for Economic Education. After Mr. Reed delivers his talk on the “Great Myths of the Great Depression” we will join in a roundtable discussion about the similarities between what happened during the Great Depression and the events of the current economic crisis.

Then, on Monday, August 13th, AFF-Atlanta will be joined by Robert A. Levy, chairman of the Cato Institute. Dr. Levy will provide legal and historical perspective on “How the Courts Have Subverted the Constitution.”

The liberty movement is alive and well in Atlanta. We are encouraged by the warm reception thus far and look forward to continuing to grow the chapter in the months ahead.

AFF-Pittsburgh is one of our most established chapters. Under the leadership of Elizabeth Stelle, it has become a center for young, liberty-loving people in Pittsburgh to gather. The Pittsburgh chapter’s May happy hour marked the beginning of our summer programming break, and the leadership team is busier than ever planning three exciting events for this fall.

In September (date TBA), AFF-Pittsburgh will talk about communism and how big government destroys community, morality, and wealth. They will welcome former journalist David Satter who lived in the USSR during the 1980s and wrote a book about his experiences entitled The Age of Delirium. Then, as the General Election nears, we’ll discuss the value of voting and debate the most effective ways to influence government on October 23rd. Closing out the year (date TBA), they will welcome the Charles Koch Institute to Pittsburgh to talk about the benefits of economic freedom and introduce a variety of career and internship opportunities.

AFF is thriving in Atlanta, Pittsburgh and many other places throughout the country. If you’re interested in joining your local AFF chapter in either of those cities or Chicago, Raleigh, Denver, New York or Minneapolis, contact Richard Lorenc.

Richard Lorenc is Chicago Chapter Chair and National Chapter Coordinator for America’s Future Foundation. You can reach him at richard@americasfuture.org.