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Author: AF Editors

By Nov 01,1997

Selling out America’s Future in Kyoto

As if the burdens of social security and interest on the debt weren’t enough of a drag on young Americans, President Clinton now pledges to permanently cap our future economic...

By Jul 01,1997

Whose World Lost?

Steven Spielberg’s The Lost World is supposed to be fiction, but unfortunately one plot line of the blockbuster is all too real. When Spielberg associates his character Nick with the...

By Jun 01,1997

St. Roosevelt’s Shrine

The fanfare surrounding the dedication of the FDR Memorial disturbed me. While Roosevelt was being canonized in the press, I couldn’t help but think that, for members of our generation,...

By Mar 01,1997

A Brave Choice

The Chinese character for “change” is a combination of two words: danger and opportunity. Any technology that brings great change to society – such as language, the automobile, nuclear power,...

By Jan 01,1997

Welfare Fraud

Given the fervor emanating from Washington over the recent welfare reform bill, one can be forgiven for believing that we really have “ended welfare as we know it.” From the...