April 7, 2017

AFF Community

Burly Cain: Advancing Liberty in New Mexico

By: Roger Custer

New Mexico is not the first state that comes to mind when thinking about free market policies. However, Robert “Burly” Cain is looking to change that.

He goes by the nickname “Burly,” given by his grandfather at birth.

As the leader of AFF Albuquerque, he collaborates with a wide range of entrepreneurs, elected officials, the Rio Grande Foundation, Liberty on the Rocks, and local business leaders to bring a robust discussion of free market solutions. His most recent event featured City Councilor Dan Lewis. It is becoming one of AFF’s fastest-growing chapters.

Burly has a diverse background. He began working on best practices to achieve liberty-minded social change while working as a trader in the global financial markets.  Burly received a degree in Economics from the University of New Mexico with honors. Burly served as the Digital Director for the Gary Johnson presidential campaign where he and his staff built the largest third party campaign in US history in 4 months.

He served as the Deputy Director of Policy for the 2015 New Mexico House of Representatives.  He was a candidate for House District 17 in New Mexico in 2012.  He helped found APS/UNM Backpacks for Kids, an annual event to provide school supplies to impoverished children.  He currently provides consulting services through his company Vis Vires, and resides in Albuquerque with his fiancée Bri and three dogs.

He writes, “America’s Future Foundation Albuquerque provides conservatives and libertarians a local monthly liberty networking event where they can hear from local and international experts and speakers, connect with like-minded individuals, and join the fastest growing liberty network in New Mexico.”