November 4, 2022

Episode 5: A Different Take on TedTalks, with Carlos Alfaro

By: AF Editors

“Some of my best moments in my professional career, they are at a dinner table, they’re at a bar, they’re having these deep conversations on policy and finding solutions”

As a young immigrant from Guadalajara, Carlos Alfaro grew up in the East Valley area of Arizona and has dedicated himself to promoting meaningful conversations and social change. To many, Carlos is the go-to public affairs and policy events advisor in Arizona. As one of the most involved government relations professionals, he founded Arizona Talks to create new, unique spaces for discussion and rigorous debate on some of the most pressing issues. He brings his creativity and passion for conversation in leading the Arizona Talks staff.

Check out our conversation on how immigrants contribute to our society, where the current immigration system needs changes, and the importance of civil and curious conversation to our society!

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